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Button - Wireless panic button / remote control for scenarios

Button - Wireless panic button / remote control for scenarios

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The Button is a wireless panic button with protection against the accidental press and an additional mode to control automation devices. It immediately notifies a response company about the intrusion, gas leak or fire. It can also send notifications to your family if there was a sudden health deterioration in just one click. 

  • Accidental click protection
  • Alarm delivery confirmation
  • Allows set up to react only on a double tap or a long press (1.5 seconds)
  • Clip it on a key fob, wear on your neck or mount with supplied double-sided tape.
  • Signal range up to 1300 m.
  • Can manage smart home appliances by activating scenarios with single or double clicks.


Jeweller radio Technology

AJAX uses Jeweller wireless radio technology to communicate from the Hub to the various sensors. Range to 1700m depending on conditions and obsticales, or up to 30km using REX range extender


Installation starts from $98 + GST by one of our trained install techs

Battery Life

The Hubs are mains powered (with 10 hours battery backup) while the sensors have a battery life of 4 to 7 years depending on settings.

Batteries can then be recharged / replaced

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  • Installation

    Please enquire for installation price. Install starts from $98 in a major centers. Install is included in our Kits

  • AJAX App

    Controll, Arm, Disarm your alarm all from your phone.

    With Geofencing enabled - your phone will remind you to set the alarm if you leave home and forget